Kiev Guides

Tours and excursions in Kiev

Being in Ukraine can be fun and rewarding, however it can also be confusing and complicated – especially if you don’t speak Russian or Ukrainian.

So, if you need help planning a trip to Ukraine or if you need a guide to help you while you’re here, then we can help.

Tanks in Kiev/Kyiv/Київ/Киев

Summer in Kiev/Kyiv/Київ …Киев


We’re native English speakers and we can put you in contact with trusted and reliable guides who can help you with your trip and look after you while you’re here.

We can arrange walking tours, cycle rides, and many other activities in Kiev, or you could hire us to show you around and help you enjoy the city.

Guide per hour: 20 Euro
Half day 75: Euro
Full day 125: Euro

Call: Ian on +380 93 887 5767

Cycling on Kiev’s picturesque islands

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