Why do Ukrainians fear drafts?

A few weeks ago my eye started to hurt. Actually, it was the bottom part of my eyelid – the soft part where tears well and where flies always end up if they get into your eye. It wasn’t a bad pain, but I kept rubbing it and it swelled up a bit and went…


Back to black

Every year as Ukrainian bursts into colour for its autumnal display of reds, oranges, yellows and browns, the Ukrainians do the exact opposite. Almost everyone retreats into their winter uniform of black. In fact, the contrast between summer and autumn Ukrainian fashion is almost as striking at the contrast between seasons. By early November, their…

State Air Museum

Have you every wanted to see a MiG-28 do a 4G negative dive? Well, you can’t because MiG 28’s don’t exist. However, the State Air Museum of Ukraine does and it is paradise for Top Gun movie fans, plane enthusiasts, and everyone else in Kiev with some time to kill. The museum is actually located on the same…

Gallery: Trukhaniv Island

Trukhaniv Island, Kiev Bang in the center of Kiev is this beautifully undeveloped forest island. Walk, talk, cycle or enjoy a picnic on the beach and forget that you’re in the middle of a city of 5 million people.

How do you open yours?

Monkey business

Amazing as this might sound, many Ukrainians actually open bananas from the wrong end! I mean, they turn the banana upside down, ignore the stem (accepted by most of the world to be the part that opens the banana) and then open the fruit from the closed end. – the bit without the handle!!! The…

Fairy tale of Troeshina

Video: Fairy tale of Troeshina

A Ukrainian woman has transformed her depressed Soviet-style floor into a fairy tale. The 13th floor of house 26 in Kiev’s dormintory subburb of Troeshina attracts many visitors. Some are horrified by the scene, others impressed.